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    Making Sendai Your City

    Sendai Motions is a medium that aims to help you thoroughly enjoy Sendai and the surrounding areas as living, changing, and dynamic entities. Featured are locals’ favorite restaurants, contemporary products inspired by the regional tradition, activities that welcome participants from international communities, and tourist spots that convey the unspoiled charm of the Tohoku region, and much more! Yet we are hoping not to offer such information on the basis of binary relationships such as local/tourist, host/guest, and deep-rooted/temporary. We strongly believe that no matter where you’re from, how long you stay in the city, and whether you are a tourist or a resident, we are all an integral part of the community. So, rather than presenting/promoting ready-made attractions, Sendai Motions seeks to stimulate your curiosity, to connect you up with interesting people, and to invite you to participate in your own ways—in other words, to make Sendai your city.

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    Sendai Motions is brought to you by Communa Inc. We are based in Sendai, conducting various international projects that fuse our three pillars of business: translation, marketing, and design.


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    If you have any question, feedback about Sendai Motions and its content, feel free to contact us!