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Sendai Experience tours

Explore the hidden Sendai

Sendai Motions keeps on bringing new Sendai places to you, our faithful reader. We love to think that you can visit the places we recommend on your weekend, or after studies/work. But, honestly saying, we would be delighted to share a walk with you, to tell you more about these spots that we like so much and to engage in a conversation with you. Or maybe to hear some new requests?

Finally, thanks to our friends, we have a chance to invite you for a nice thematic walk around Sendai, where we can learn more about our beautiful city together.

First, on 2017/10/18 (WED) 4:30pm-6:30pm, we are going to explore the spiritual side of Sendai’s center. Do you know how many sanctuaries are hidden in the busy urban area? How did they manage to keep their presence here? Let’s find out!

You can book the tour “That’s the spirit!” here:

And then, after a week, on 2017/10/25 (WED) 4:30pm-6:30pm, we shall have our own market research, visiting two famous Sendai spots for shopping! Magical Iroha Yokocho and Sendai Asaichi, always bringing us the best products!

You can book the tour “Market research” here: